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Sterling Heights Painters can provide you with a variety of services to meet your painting needs. Whether you are trying to give your home a new look, or redecorate the exterior of a property, you can call us at 586-474-5681. At Sterling Heights Painters, we make it easy for the clients to contact us and accomplish the perfect painting service for you. ​If you own a home, you know that maintenance is critical to a dependable house, holding high value, and keeping it looking delightful.

Building care by painting is actually what we do here at Sterling Heights Painters to assist you with keeping your home looking new and wonderful. Regardless of whether it is a residential painting project or a commercial painting project, our master paint contractors have the talent to finish the job. Naturally, things will get old and fade away over the years as time goes by. This is particularly valid for building exteriors as they are continually besieged with the unforgiving components of nature. The blend of wet and dry, sweltering and cold combination of the Michigan climates can be damaging on the paint surface. Be that as it may, you don’t need to be stressed if this has happened to you and your home. This is the place we can not just lend some assistance to restore the structure surfaces but to make it look shiny new also! 

After some time, the surface of interior or the exterior painting will wear and chip away due to the second law of thermodynamics, and this won’t be beautiful to take a look at. Few common places to check if there are wear and tear are places like the rooms, basements, garages, and decks just to give some example areas. In the event that you see that there is mileage on the paint in your home, call us today and one of our helpful team members will be able to give you advice on what is the best option to solve this issue. In the event that your home painting on the inside is worn and needs paint restoration done, we are the right company to call for this task! In addition to the fact that we service interior, it would bode well that we offer exterior service also. In the event that you are planning to take on a new project and just want a change of scenery to remodel the interior with fresh new color, we can discuss that too. When you decide to have the remodeling done expertly with us, we will guarantee excellent quality so we can help prevent future fixes and raise the value of your properties.

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Services We Provide

Interior painting service: 
Are you looking to give your house a new look? Not only can we repaint your walls and floors, we can also apply a new look on your kitchen appliances. Investing in a good quality house painting service ensures your home to be upgraded and decorated to a high standard. Simply call us or submit a simple quotation request today by filling out how many rooms need to be painted and we will call you right back with the estimated cost.
With our work we make extraordinary spots in your home. With these spots the picture of your home can be altogether improved. With them you are indicating your visitors the amount you care for the subtleties and quality. Likewise, your family is remunerated with a warm and lovely space for living and engaging. Each room in your home impacts your sentiments and states of mind. Take for a model the nursery or kids’ room. With regards to your youngsters and their condition, in where they will invest a large portion of their energy, each and every detail including decision of shading, and configuration is significant.
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Exterior painting service:  Whether you need a quick update to a door or fence, or to paint the entire exterior space of your house, we’re here and ready to help! Our experienced professionals can paint all types of outdoor surfaces, from decks and fences to siding, stucco, and many more. We’ll take care of all the prep including color consultation/advice, pressure washing, coverage of surroundings, removing mildew and mold, and filling holes/cracks in the walls! Leave this stressful task to us because we have done this a thousand times and we know the most effective and efficient way to provide beautiful finish resulting from our years of painting various kinds of exterior surfaces. our job will even make your neighbors jealous and may consider getting a new makeover as well. In the very likely chance that they compliment how stunning your house is and ask who did the work, kindly let them know that our amazing crew can do the same for them as well. We only use the highest quality paint to keep your outdoor property surface last through the harsh weather cycles here in Michigan, so call us if you want to get it done right the first time around. Some of the services that we provide but are not limited to are:
  • Home Painting
  • Barns and Shed Painting
  • Brick Painting
  • Brick Staining
  • Deck Painting
  • Fence Painting
  • Door Painting
  • and more

Commercial Painting:
Are you looking for a way to freshen up your commercial space? Then call us or simply fill out your information on the website to receive a quote. You’ll be surprised how our painting company can do wonders, inside and out. Impress upon your own employees and customers and give your staff a sense of workspace pride. Commercial painting can be very different than residential painting with much larger areas to cover and it cannot look unprofessional. Impression is important for any business particularly if clients are visiting at your business building, or if you need to make the ideal condition for the workers for an office space. Regardless of business location, each area will have an appropriate and one of a kind plan that is fitting. Restoration service, maintenance, and construction painting are our areas of our expertise. If you are in the neighborhood are searching for house painting company right here in Sterling Heights or surrounding areas, who would be a better fit to help a local business out other than a fellow local business owner who knows the area, and the people’s taste. The big national painting companies cannot give the personal attention and the focus on details coupled with local friendliness that we are able to provide. Whether you need interior commercial painting services or exterior commercial painting services, we will give your business buildings the attention that requires a professional’s touch.
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Benefits Professional Painting Services

Constructional Stability:
Even the smallest default within the structure of your property has significant impact over the long run. A professional painter will be able to find rot or decay within your structure and advise you on how to fix those issues before the painting process begins. This will ensure that your project needs will be fulfilled without damaging your house/office.
Water can leak through the walls more easily than you may think. This can result in rot and mold growth which will reduce the value of your property significantly. Quality painting can protect your property against water and moisture. We will be able to recommend a reliable construction crew to repair those issues that may fall outside of your expertise and ensure our clients can sustain the structural stability as well as meeting the right painting needs.

Familiarity with new & on-trend colors and patterns:
Are you trying to change the color to have a new atmosphere but don’t know where to begin? We will work with you to decide which colors and patterns to bring to your home. We can offer solid recommendations and advice on suitable color and utilize back rolling and priming in most effective ways. 

Don’t risk hurting yourself – injuries while painting are more common than you may think. Our painting professionals will establish perfect, personalized painting service while accidents are prevented. We have safety equipment and tools to make the job easier and safer for all those involved in the job. 
​Performing Surface Preparations:
Thorough preparations for a house painting is essential to ensure the project is successful. These preparations include sanding, patching, rot repairs, and many more. We will make sure to accomplish detailed preparations for your painting services.
Timely Completion:
When is the last painting project you accomplished and how long did it take? Painting tasks can take longer than you initially wanted or planned in our busy lives. But don’t worry! We have a team of painters who work together to make sure your project is completed within a predetermined time frame. Please note that delays may happen for various reasons, but we will strive to work within a set timeline to help you return to your normal routine.
Cleanliness and Long Lasting:
We will make certain that there are no messy flakes, chips, or debris by applying various containment strategies. Proper paint jobs can last for years depending on the professional’s experience and approach while desired results are achieved.

Reduced Stress:
Painting can be more tedious and stressful than you think it is – there’s a lot more to coloring the interior and exterior of your house than simply picking up a brush. The ultimate goal is to not only simply change the colors, but also to increase value of the property. At the end, you can trust us for quality and amazing results without stressing yourself further. Call or utilize our free instant quote today and we will get back to you shortly on the estimated service costs. 

Painting Service Cost

Are you wanting to find out the service cost? Simply fill out the information on our website and submit for your FREE quote – we will get back to you right away with the best painting service cost near you.

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I want to thank you for the excellent job you’ve done with the bedrooms that were painted. It’s amazing!
Jan Kramer
We get a lot of compliments about our new house painting and I tell them that it is thanks to you.
Dan Fisher
My house is small, but the new painting j ob in our rooms made it seem like a brand new house. It’s like walking into a new house every day.
Leb Smith

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